Buying: Choosing a town within such a beautiful section of Bergen County is overwhelming. Statistical information about schools and community are easily found, but the nuances that make a town special are only known by those who live, work and have established them selves as market specialists. Buying a house involves finding the right home, negotiating the best price and making sure it is sound and ready for your lifestyle. Connecting you with all the businesses to make sure your new home is right, is part of our partner relationship strategy.

Selling: Whether you are Upsizing or Downsizing moving is as much of an emotional step as a practical transition for many sellers. Making sure your home is presented in the best light as well as priced right involves understanding the local market place and demographics. Managing a home sale involves selling, purging, packing and moving, along with buying or renting as a next step. Regardless of where your next move is, we can assist in finding your new home too.

Renting: Renting is often a transitional step for many. Making sure your home fits your lifestyle is extremely important for both the landlord and the renter. Special care is needed to make sure the lease agreements are correct and fair for all involved in the transaction.

Corporate Re-location: Business growth is exciting! Making sure the people you bring into your organization are happy and living in a comfortable home is as important as their workspace. Whether permanent or temporary, re-location involves setting up your staff in the community as well as a new home. Embracing the community is one of the many special touches we offer our clients through this transition.